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Harbor Beach offers many ways to get active outdoors.

From taking a swim in Lake Huron, to biking our 5+ mile in town trail system, to beach volleyball, to kayaking, to golf or basketball, Harbor Beach has many ways to get outdoors!

The city continues to expand and improve our trail system and outdoor spaces, so stay tuned for updates!




Our Trail System

Harbor Beach offers an expansive (and expanding) trail system. From paved paths that weave between city and green space, to a full nature hiking trail, to a Heritage water'll find a lot to explore in Harbor Beach!


Harbor View Bike Path & Pedestrian Trail

Winding through and connecting most of the City of Harbor Beach, the Harbor View Trail is one of the best kept secrets of the Thumb! 

Great for walking or biking, the trail takes you through multiple waterfront areas, our downtown, and to our nature trail. 

Backus Memorial Trail in Fall

Backus Memorial Nature Trail

The newest extension of the trail system in Harbor Beach is the PFC Brian Backus Nature Trail. The path connects to the Harbor View trail and is located adjacent to North Park Campground.

The trail weaves through wooded areas and featured boardwalks and bridges, including the Randy Rapson Memorial Bridge at the enterence to the trail.

Tip of the Thumb Heritage Water Trail

The Tip of the Thumb Heritage Water Trail is a 103-mile water trail on Lake Huron that winds around Michigan’s Thumb into Saginaw Bay. Paddlers can access the water trail at 44 different access points along the trail, including in Harbor Beach!


On the Water

On the Water

Lake Huron in Harbor Beach

If it can be done on the water, you can probably do it here! 

Water Access & Swimming

If you're looking for a sandy beach with an adjacent park with playground equipment, Lincoln Park & the Trescott Street Pier on the city's South side are for you. 

There are several other water access points in Harbor Beach including the Harbor Beach Marina and Pack Street area. 


Weather you're looking to charter a boat or launch your own boat or kayak, you'll find Harbor Beach a great place to fish. 

Harbor Beach Marina has a fish cleaning station along with it's other amenities.

If you'd rather fish from land, you'll find a fishing pier and a few water access points along the Harbor View Trail including the Trescott Street Pier. A project is underway to bring another pier on Pack Street in the coming years.


Bring your canoe, kayak or SUP and explore the large protected harbor! Check out the shipwreck just under the surface, paddle by the lighthouse, or check out the break's up to you!

If you need to rent a kayak or SUP or need more information on paddling in Harbor Beach, contact Harbor Beach Kayak.


Boating & Powersports

Maybe you're looking to do something a little faster paced? Use the protected harbor to have some fun on the calmer water or take it outside the harbor for wide open Lake Huron.

If you want to get your boat in the water, the Harbor Beach Marina at the North end of the city is your place.

The marina hosts fishing tournaments and offers a fish cleaning station, pavilion and more! 


Besides the easily accessible shallow water shipwreck in the harbor, Harbor Beach has several shipwrecks just outside the harbor that are perfect for novice to advanced scuba divers. 

Local shipwrecks include Dunderberg (155'), Glenorchy (120'), Goliath (104'), Chickamauga (32') and Dorcas Pendell (11')



If you're into kiteboarding or windsurfing, you'll find a great spot in Harbor Beach! We tend to be a windy place (just check out all the wind turbines) and our huge protected harbor makes a great spot for some fun on Lake Huron!

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More To Do

More To Do

Lincoln Park Playground

Parks & Playgrounds

Harbor Beach offers several public parks with various amenities. 

Lincoln Park is a large open park that has beaches, playground equipment, a pavilion, kayak rental, bathrooms, picnic tables, and much more! 

Waterworks Park is located next to the Marina and offers a pavilion, rental cabins, and water access. 

Davidson Park is a great place to be active. It offers tennis courts, basketball courts, and a picnic area. 

North Park Campground offers a large playground among it's other amenities.  


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Harbor Beach has a City owned  campground as well as a county campground nearby. 

North Park Campground is located in the City of Harbor Beach near the marina and houses the Backus Memorial Nature Trail. It also contains baseball fields and is on the Harbor View Trail. The campground offers wifi and a newly renovated all year pavilion. 

Wagenor Park is located just South of the city and offers a more rustic experience. It's located on Lake Huron and has hiking trails as well as rustic cabins for rent. 



Harbor Beach is a GREAT place for bird watching. Not only do we get a large amount of migrating birds, but waterfowl and birds of prey (including bald eagles) are also a common sight.

Deer and other forest animals are extremely plentiful in the area as well. You may even see some from time to time in the city!

If you're an avid hunter or your a wildlife photography buff, you'll find plenty to do nearby.



Harbor Beach Golf Course is a 9-hole public golf course inside of the city limits.

Nearby you can access Veronal Hills Golf Club, Bird Creek Golf Club and several other courses. 


Being located on the coast of Lake Huron and surrounded by miles of rural farmland makes our area a premier spot for stargazing. With very little light pollution you are able to experience many astronomical surprises including constellations, shooting stars, planets, and more. Telescopes not required! 




As a four season climate, we get to see the plants and trees do all of their tricks. Fall tends to be a particularly beautiful time, but each season has it's own special nuances. 

If you're an gardener, you'll love how well crops grow in the wonderful dirt of the Thumb.

If you look closely, you may even find some morels or fiddle ferns or many other forgeable items in the city's expansive green spaces and parks. 


Festivals & Events

We have many outdoor celebrations and festivals throughout the year. Many of our local festivals also include one or more activities or competitions. To learn more, follow the Harbor Beach Chamber of Commerce.