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Let's Explore Harbor Beach


Let's Explore Harbor Beach

Harbor Beach is a city on the rise.

Harbor Beach nods to it's history and moves forward to the future with near continuous additions and improvements to the city, it's infrastructure, and amenities.

Below you will see some of the cultural and historical attractions of the city as well as highlights of nearby communities.

Harbor Beach has many outdoor recreation possiblities, if you'd like to see those, click the button below. 



Culture & Community

Culture & Community

Harbor Beach has a rich history that it continues to preserve and add to with new community projects and events


Frank Murphy Museum & Grounds

Harbor Beach has several museums, including the home and office of former Supreme Court Justice, US Attorney General, Michigan Governor, Mayor of Detroit, and Governor General of the Philippine Islands, Frank Murphy

The Murphy Museum grounds are used for several events each year and house our Farmers Market weekly throughout the summer.

Habor Beach Lighthouse

A "sparkplug lighthouse" located at the end of the north breakwall entrance to the harbor of refuge on Lake Huron.

The Harbor Beach Lighthouse Preservation Society (HBLPS) was formed in 1984 and restoration is ongoing. The lighthouse has been waterproofed, ventilated, and its floors, interior walls, and windows restored to original appearance.

Community House & Theater

Harbor Beach has a beautiful, historic theater. Though it's mostly used to show movies these days, it also hosts special events and performances throughout the year.

The Community House & Public Library are housed in the same facility and provide event spaces, meeting rooms, and much more!


Harbor Beach History Walking Tour

Throughout the City of Harbor Beach you'll notice placards like the one above. 

Each stop on the history walking tour highlights the history of a certain area, person, industry, or other historical highlight of the city.

Grice House Museum

Step through time into Grice House, which has been furnished entirely by donated items from numerous area families to depict life in this part of Michigan in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Historic Coast Guard Buildings

This project will be starting in 2018 and involves the restoration of historic buildings and pier on Pack Street in Harbor Beach.

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The Surrounding AreaS

The Surrounding AreaS

Not far from Harbor Beach, you'll find a lot to explore!

Bad Axe

Bad Axe is the county seat for Huron County and is home to the most shopping and dining options in the area. Many of our largest employers are also located in Bad Axe. 

If you live in Huron County, you'll become well aquanted with Bad Axe.

Port Hope

Port Hope is just 7 miles north of Harbor Beach on M25. It's a small, charming town also located on Lake Huron. 

Port Austin

Port Austin is the "Tip of the Thumb" where you can watch both the sunrise and sunset. It is also the home of Turnip Rock and many other rock formations as well as the famous Port Austin Farmers Market


Grindstone City

Located on Lake Huron, between Huron City and Port Austin, you'll find the newly renovated harbor in Grindstone City. You'll also find campgrounds, parks, restaurants, an art gallery, and one of the most famous ice cream joints around!

pointe Aux Barques Area

While Pointe Aux Barques itself is a gated community, the surrounding area contains several publicly accessible attractions including Lighthouse County Park, the Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse, and Eagle Bay. 

Huron City

This ghost town had its start as a lumber town in 1854 founded by Langdon Hubbard. His descendants are keeping the history alive caring for the buildings and the things he left behind through the William Lyon Phelps Foundation.